in 9 months…

I will be on a plane headed for a destination unknown.  Give or take a couple months.

I have been wanting to travel for as long has I can remember and a long term, around the world trip, has always been at the top of my list.  But after a few years of working, this goal was slightly forgotten, trapped beneath a mountain of debt and a career that was all consuming.  Around May 2008, after a trip to Australia, I rededicated my life goals to saving up enough money to travel around the world for around 1-2 years nonstop.   I commited myself to making this goal really happen.  I did it by telling everyone I knew so that I couldn’t go back on it, psyching myself up.  To tell you the truth, this trip has already change my life in so many ways.  I paid off ALL my credit card debits.  It took a long time, about 1.5 years, but with a lot of sacrifice and working extra hours.  As of August 2009, it was done.  One of my greatest achievements.   Then I started saving.  I’m still in the process of financing my trip but I WILL be happening in 2010.

In this blog, I plan to detail all my pre-trip planning, costs, and itinerary and then continue to post what happens along my trip.

I am completely thrilled but starting to get nervous.  I may be heading out on my own.  You know how hard it is to get people to pick a day to meet up?  Well, try getting them to agree to 365+ days, in different countries, and funding it.  Yeah, it’s hard to get others to commit to a trip of this type.  I’m looking forward to meeting up with friends from back home along the way.

You’re going to wish you were here.


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