the xx headlining the music box

The xx had their first headlining show in L.A. at the Music Box this past Saturday, June 5.

I was there.

It was so lovely.

I’ve said it so many times but they are simply mesmorizing live.  Transfixing. It’s something that I didn’t get until seeing them in the flesh.  Romy Madley Croft’s voice is gorgeous…so much longing, forlorn emotion behind each lyric. I can’t get enough. Oliver Sim picks his bass with this definitive pausing, as if he isn’t sure if he should share the next note with you.  He also has those piercing eyes.  Don’t get into a staring contest with him.  He doesn’t blink or break gaze and I was watching him for a lo000000000000ng time.  They hardly leave their mics and don’t do much on stage so I can see why some might even think them boring but they would be wrong.  Their shows are uniquely intimate like a whispered secret.  Even when there are 20, 000 people there like at Coachella.  It draws you in like seductress sirens from Greek mythology.

Here is some video from some friendly YouTubers/The xx uber-fans (thanks to pureinstinktm, nosaintinla, razorstarzz, and Licona1219 for most of these videos!):



Islands/Heart Skipped a Beat



Do You Mind?

Basic Space

Night Time



Openers Nosaj Thing and Phantogram were fanatastic too.

I love the way Nosaj Thing spins and dances.  It’s one fluid movement.

Phantogram has a unique energy.  MC’s future wife, Sarah, is a wild woman, bounce dancing while she plays.  I prefer her songs and I also like her hair.

For photos from the show, check this:

For a review on the show, check this:

Setlist: The xx at the Music Box, Los Angeles, June 5, 2010
Main set: Intro / Crystalised / Islands / Heart Skipped a Beat / Shelter / VCR / Do You Mind? / Basic Space / Night Time / Infinity
Encore: Stars


One response to “the xx headlining the music box

  1. I got some good video & photos. I gotta resize…

    I was at the Music Box last week. Gorgeous venue!

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