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top 10 things i’ll miss…los angeles edition

I’ll definitely miss my friends and family in Los Angeles while I’m away.  They are so, so sweet and loving!  Two bon voyage parties already in the works!  I want to spend as much time as possible with them and have asked them to hit up these 10 things I’ll miss, just one more time before I leave.

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1.  Food: In-n-Out’s Cheeseburger Animal Style (accomplished September 29, 2010), King Taco’s Carne Asada Tacos with Rojo Salsa (accomplished September 25, 2010), Pho 87’s Pho Tai Nam Gau (accomplished September 6, 2010), Golden Deli’s Fried Eggrolls (accomplished September 21, 2010), Honey’s Kettle’s Fried Chicken and biscuits (date set for October 14, 2010), Langer’s #19 (possibly October 5, 2010), El Atacor #11’s Potato Tacos (accomplished September 25, 2010), Pete’s Blue Cheese Gorgonzola Fries (accomplished September 27, 2010), Crepe Luv’s Strawberry Nutella Whipped Cream Crepe (accomplished September 21, 2010), Koo’s Grill’s Hoddeok (accomplished September 21, 2010…they’re Korean sweet pancakes), Maestro’s Butter Cake (date set for October 14, 2010…might be the best thing I have ever put in my mouf and I don’t even really like desserts)

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2.   Drink: The Standard (accomplished July 18, 2010), Golden Gopher (accomplished September 5, 2010), and Tiki Ti (date set for October 16, 2010)

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3.  Cinespia (accomplished September 18, 2010…just barely…long story)

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4.  Dudamel performance at The Walt Disney Concert Hall (got tickets for October 10, 2010)

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5.  MOCA (accomplished August 26, 2010)

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6.  Downtown LA Artwalk (accomplished September 9, 2010)

7.  Seeing a show/band on any given night (accomplished September 9, 2010 – Cold Cave and Delorean, September 7, 2010 2x – Interpol and DatA, September 9, 2010 – DatA, September 19, 2010 – Phoenix, and on and on)

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8.  UCLA football tailgating (accomplished October 2, 2010…UCLA win 42-28 over Washington State and another set for November 6, 2010)

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9.  Hollywood Bowl (October 15, 2010 for LCD Soundsystem)

10.  Disneyland (got tickets for October 23, 2010)

*I couldn’t keep the list to 10 so here are 3 more.

  1. Chinatown (accomplished August 13, 2010 and August 28, 2010)
  2. Griffith Observatory (possibly October 16, 2010)
  3. Cinespace (accomplished September 7, 2010)

UPDATED September 28, 2010


my los angeles elusive 10

…or Things That I Want to Do Before I Leave and Have Never Done Before.

I’ve lived in LA for about 13 years now.  I’ve done and seen a lot.  Here are the top 10 that I have not yet experienced:

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1. Food: Osteria Mozza (accomplished October 3, 2010…best restaurant in Los Angeles…tied with The Gorbals), Church & State (accomplished August 16, 2010), Waterloo & City, Chick-Fil-A, Warszawa (accomplished September 26, 2010), Masa (accomplished September 14, 2010)

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2. Drink: Viceroy (accomplished September 26, 2010) and Bar Marmont (accomplished October 3, 2010)

3. Photograph the Los Angeles River (accomplished August 14, 2010)

4. Zuma Beach (accomplished September 4, 2010)

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5. Watts Towers (possibly October 9, 2010).

Photo by Brian Auer on Flickr

6. Salvation Mountain (possibly October 9, 2010).

7. Hike to the Hollywood Sign (Did it before but didn’t quite make the tip tip top.  Too hot.  Got sick.  Possibly October 16, 2010).

8. Star Maps and/or double-decker bus tour of L.A (possibly October 16, 2010).

9. Derby Dolls roller derby (accomplished September 11, 2010)

10. Self-Realization Center (possibly October 16, 2010).

Unfortunately, First Fridays at the Natural History Museum, which would be on the list, is not going to happen.  The season is over.  La Brea Tar Pits may be added.

Up next, old stomping grounds that need a revisit before I leave.

UPDATED September 28, 2010, October 4, 2010

shots shots shots shots shots shots, shots shots shots shots shots, shots shots shots shots shots…everybody!

Got 3 jabs in my arm yesterday and a Tootsie Pop.  They have banana now! It doesn’t taste too hot.

I lied.  I got 2 shots and one in pill form.  It’s weird to think that I will be ingesting typhoid, even if it is in a weakened state.  And I got 2 Tootsie Pops.  I only like the chocolate ones.

Here is a breakdown on the cost for vaccinations, aka “the damage”:

  • Visit/Consultation: $50
  • Hep A #2: $89
  • Polio: $60
  • Typhoid: $100 (I paid $18 more to get the pill form v. the shot but it lasts 5 years v. 2 years)

Total: $299

I’m going to see if I can get Japanese Encephalitis, Rabies, and anti-malarials in New Zealand or beyond, where hopefully it’s cheaper.  Here it is $290 x 2 doses, $250 x 3 doses, and humans are not supposed to take Doxycycline for more than 3 months at a time, respectfully.  I am going to check with my insurance to see if they cover the Hep B vaccine ($75 x 3 doses otherwise) and see if my doctor will write a prescription for anti-malarials, which should be covered.

Many thanks to Ronnie at Passport Health!  She talked to me for a long time and the shots didn’t really hurt.  Passport Health is located all over Los Angeles and on Wednesdays in Downtown LA.

first 2 months…

I’ve booked the first 2 months of my RTW!!!

Talofa Samoa!

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Malo e lelei Tonga!

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Kia ora New Zealand!

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This leg of my adventure takes me through January 2011, when I head for Perth.

a travelers wet dream…getting bumped

On June 10, 2008 on this blog, I wrote, “I keep hoping one day I will get bumped and reap the rewards” and published my popular post on “Airline bumping

It finally happened to me January 2009!  *happy dance*

How I did I manage this coup?  When the US Airways Charlotte – Los Angeles leg of my flight back from President Obama’s inauguration in DC.  Did I forget to mention that I had seated tickets in YELLOW for that amazing event?

The flight was totally overbooked.  They asked for 4 volunteers, I happened to be sitting close to the boarding gate desk.  You really should always be close to the desk.  Want to know why?  Because after the announcement, I stood up and started walking towards the desk (about 10 feet away), and this 60 year-old man (guessing) ran in front of me to be the first one at the desk!!!  Like stopped me in my tracks!  Apparently all daily niceties are thrown out the window when free flights come into play.  There is no chivalry in the airline bumping game, ladies!  Keep that in mind and be alert.  Everyone is out for themselves, even when people know that more than 1 volunteer is needed.

I digress.

They offered a free round trip anywhere in the 48 contiguous U.S. states that U.S. Airways flies and the next flight was only 1.5 hours later.  Score!

I became the proud bearer of a free round trip anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States that U.S. Airways flies.

I was almost, almost was able to implement a 2nd bump by going to the boarding gate desk for my next flight.  But I think 60 Year-Old Unchivalrous Guy beat me again.  You win this time!  *shakes fist*

Where did I go?  I originally wanted to use it for New England in the fall but there were complications coordinating with A’s Southwest free flight so we used Southwest to New York Islip for the fall foliage trip.  I used the US Airways free flight this past February 2010 to go to Seattle for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics!