my los angeles elusive 10

…or Things That I Want to Do Before I Leave and Have Never Done Before.

I’ve lived in LA for about 13 years now.  I’ve done and seen a lot.  Here are the top 10 that I have not yet experienced:

Photo by arnold | inuyaki on Flickr

Photo by Michael M. Ma on Flickr

1. Food: Osteria Mozza (accomplished October 3, 2010…best restaurant in Los Angeles…tied with The Gorbals), Church & State (accomplished August 16, 2010), Waterloo & City, Chick-Fil-A, Warszawa (accomplished September 26, 2010), Masa (accomplished September 14, 2010)

Photo by coco+kelley on Flickr

2. Drink: Viceroy (accomplished September 26, 2010) and Bar Marmont (accomplished October 3, 2010)

3. Photograph the Los Angeles River (accomplished August 14, 2010)

4. Zuma Beach (accomplished September 4, 2010)

Photos by jj look on Flickr

5. Watts Towers (possibly October 9, 2010).

Photo by Brian Auer on Flickr

6. Salvation Mountain (possibly October 9, 2010).

7. Hike to the Hollywood Sign (Did it before but didn’t quite make the tip tip top.  Too hot.  Got sick.  Possibly October 16, 2010).

8. Star Maps and/or double-decker bus tour of L.A (possibly October 16, 2010).

9. Derby Dolls roller derby (accomplished September 11, 2010)

10. Self-Realization Center (possibly October 16, 2010).

Unfortunately, First Fridays at the Natural History Museum, which would be on the list, is not going to happen.  The season is over.  La Brea Tar Pits may be added.

Up next, old stomping grounds that need a revisit before I leave.

UPDATED September 28, 2010, October 4, 2010


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