how I decided to get serious about my rtw

I’ve wanted to travel long-term for as long as I can remember.  But in June 2008, after a few ridiculous weeks in Australia, I realized I used to openly talk about backpacking and circumnavigating the globe and yet I still never did anything about it.  Traveling long-term was an idea that fell to neglect after entering and making strides in the work force.  It was time to get serious.  Now or maybe never.

Step 1:

Draw up a list of top 20 countries I want to travel to the most.

  1. India
  2. Germany
  3. Russia
  4. Indonesia
  5. Antarctica
  6. New Zealand
  7. Morocco
  8. Egypt
  9. Turkey
  10. Mongolia
  11. Vietnam
  12. Galapagos
  13. Cambodia
  14. Croatia
  15. Jordan
  16. Japan (again)
  17. Norway
  18. Sweden
  19. Costa Rica
  20. Colombia

Which I compared with and decided really hadn’t varied much from a list I found a year before (dated September 5, 2007).

  1. India
  2. Russia
  3. Germany
  4. Antarctica
  5. Morocco
  6. Egypt
  7. Australia/New Zealand
  8. Sweden/Finland/Norway
  9. Peru
  10. Galpalagos
  11. Vietnam
  12. Japan (again)
  13. Croatia
  14. Greece (again)
  15. Israel
  16. Montreal/Quebec City
  17. Fiji/Moorea
  18. Alaska
  19. Panama
  20. Jordan

I needed to travel more.  Could have been as simple as that.

Except, like training for a marathon, I needed prepare and get everything in order, if I expected to make it to the finish line.  Most importantly and most challenging of which, was getting finances in check.

Step 2:

Pay off everything.

That took about a year to clear and then another 1.5 years to save.  It was a major life accomplishment for me and something I’m proud of.  For the better part of those years, I wasn’t even planning much travel at all.  Just working on paying things off and saving.  Lo and behold, I made progress and could start to see the end.

Step 3:

Get ready to go.

I’m thankful to my adventurous nature for setting me straight.  I say it all the time but working towards this trip really turned many aspects of my life around.  That one commitment set in motion a whole slew of good changes in my life.

And so the plotting began.


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