Update on my trip so far…

My send off was amazing. Some of my best friends saw me off at LAX. Beforehand we spent a few hours at Encounter, where we had the best elevator experience of our lives. Had some Mai Tais and everyone walked me over to the departures terminal. I was so happy, I didn’t have any time to be nervous. It was really more than a girl could ask for. No tears, just happy.

Samoa was a really fun time. The flight in was filled with competitors in the World Judo Championships. On the shuttle into Apia, I met an older couple from British Columbia and a guy from London. We’ll call him the Galoot. Not much to report on him but he brought me in contact with my eventual travel partner in Samoa, CJ.

My frist stop in Samoa was the Robert Louis Stevenson House, Valima, and Grave. The place well maintained but overpriced at 15 WST and the hike to the grave was steep and the views, not really worth it. Overall a bust. I’ve never read Stevenson and now, I don’t think I will. Seems pretentious of some guy to make people carry his dead body up a steep mountain for some lame views. I got 31 mosquito bites during this venture and they are still haunting me.

When searching for a ride back into town, we ran across CJ, AM, and asked to join them. They were headed for the Papasea Sliding Rocks and I was happy to go. Not ready for sliding, as I was wearing a skirt but it was a nice place to spend an afternoon. The guys slid down the rocks into refreshing pools of fresh water. It looked like they could have easily cracked their heads open.

In the evening we headed to Aggie Grey’s fiafia show. Samoan dancers and musicians filled the bar area of the hotel and performed traditional Samoan songs and dances. The show was good, the food a bit better. The best part was that we saw the ladyboy who had previously propositioned AM on the street “for a good time” as a performer in the show!

CJ and I traveled around Samoa for the next 7 days and met many nutters. I won’t go into the details but lets just say 2 women traveling solo in Samoa get a lot of attention, both good and bad. “Hey Baby!”

More on Samoa, Tonga, and New Zealand soon! Some photos to entertain you…


5 responses to “samoa

  1. Hey baby!
    Thanks for the update!!! Love living vicariously through you. xoxo

  2. I like the update! Keep them coming!

  3. Nice blog, keep it up!

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